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Integrated Solutions

Centralized Energy Solutions

Kalero provides all the necessary services needed for the development, design, study, licensing and implementation of wind, solar, energy storage or transmission & distribution projects such us:

Project development

The basic development phases:

- Site identification for wind, solar, energy storage & transmission including mapping adjacent land use and grid connection.

- Resources measurements and assessment

- Project licensing from planning to full permission including the establishment and maintenance of relationships and positive dialogue with local communities, authorities and land owners

- Project planning, including optimization of resources, civil, and ELM detailed engineering taking into account environmental, economic and social concerns

Engineering, procurement, construction (EPC)

We have all the capabilities to construct a successful energy project and this means great efficiencies and savings for our clients. We perform all costing, engineering, procurement, management, health and safety and quality processes. 

Asset management

During the long operational phase, renewable energy assets need professional management in order to both have optimal operation and retain a high asset value. Kalero’s service includes managing your asset’s operation, maintenance and performance, health and safety best practices and all on-site contractors.

We deliver operations management of wind and solar renewables which maximize energy production and reduce maintenance costs. Our objective is to provide the best possible service to the customer through a combination of financial, engineering, and technical management. Our engineers and technicians are qualified and certified to work on all components of an energy system on-site.

We ensure that your asset runs efficiently and safely. You are kept completely up to date, by weekly and monthly reporting and recommendations.

Distributed Energy Solutions

The global energy system is rapidly moving toward an integrated and hybridized network that combines the best of existing and new technologies to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable electric power for factories, businesses, and communities.

The solutions can include targeted use of renewable energy, combined heating and power stations, storage solutions. These hybrid networks are in the form of distributed energy systems, which combine the benefits of carbon-free renewable energy with the reliability of combined heat and power (CHP) systems.

Kalero offers local energy solutions to provide stable and controllable power located on customer sites. These energy solutions include solar, energy storage and micro-grid technologies. Our knowledge several energy markets enables us to maximize value from our clients' energy use and assets.

Depending on the structure of the local energy market, our distributed energy solutions are offered to clients through partnership with local utilities or directly to commercial, industrial and public sector clients.

Distributed energy projects come with a range of benefits such as:

• Stable, low energy cost
• Reduced operating costs and improved financial performance
• Improved system’s efficiency and grid reliability
• Peak shaving, demand charge reduction
• Eliminate fuel cost and decrease emissions
• Microgrid capability