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About us

Kalero is active in the planning, development and management of energy projects and investments. The activities of Kalero are focused in a range of technologies including wind, solar, energy storage and transmission and distribution.

We operate in the centralized market as well as in the evolving distributed energy market. Our expertise to develop, engineer, construct and operate renewable energy projects allow us to provide responsible solutions to a series of energy issues, while providing opportunities for continued growth. 

Our Capabilities…

combined can create an affordable low carbon future


Kalero provides all the engineering expertise necessary to support the Development, Construction and Operation & Management of Renewable Energy Projects

We are delivering renewable energy consulting that combines technical precision with real-world experience and a deep understanding of market regulations and dynamics. We work with the public sector, independent power producers (IPPs), private equity firms, utilities, and contractors and manufacturers for several renewable energy technologies and related infrastructure. This allows us to react flexibly and quickly to changing customer requirements.

Our engineers work with wind turbine, solar panel and battery storage suppliers to prepare the technical specification and help manage design. We keep track of quality assurance and continued reliability engineering to help manage risks over each project’s lifetime.

Our team can guarantee the precise execution of every RES project, by strictly adhering to its design specifications and aiming to its safe, timely and within budget realization.

Our thorough understanding of the development and construction process enables us to foresee issues and mitigate them before they become problems.


Kalero applies the technical design expertise required for efficient energy generation, transmission, distribution and storage over the lifetime of a project.

Kalero’s experience in wind simulation & CFD modeling provides a full spectrum of capabilities to wind energy investors, wind park developers and wind park operators minimizing their development risk and optimizing their sites.

Kalero combines the latest technologies for PV performance ration assessments, accredited by the photovoltaic industry, with the experience gained in a wide range of PV projects ensuring the investor for the optimal optimal project design and performance.

Kalero provides power systems design, engineering, regulatory and environmental expertise for a range of energy storage projects including large-scale storage providing grid ancillary services and storage co-located with renewables.

Our R&D department aims at the improvement and development of new technical procedures either by developing independent research projects or by participating in joint international research programs.


Based on Kalero’s significant experience, we offer consulting services related with:

• regional development towards sustainability,
• strategies to improve RES penetration in the regional energy mixture,
• strategies to improve energy efficiency towards economic development & sustainability,
• development of tools for RES and local resources regional planning including resource mapping and RES potential maps,
• planning of grid development in rural areas
• advancement of CO2 neutral actions to improve sustainability and economic development
• strategies to minimize activity environmental footprint within local and global-regional- frame
• energy saving technologies evaluation, for direct application in building sector
• complete Energy, Water and Emissions Audits in secondary & tertiary sector

Consulting services offered by Kalero are characterized by their applicability and their focus to the end result.


Kalero is committed to sustainable development based on our company values – responsibility excellence, innovation.
Our understanding of sustainability includes profitable and long term growth achievement.
We manage our activities and their impacts with a view to maximize the environmental benefits created by our projects.
We are making efforts to move towards sustainable energy policies that will support investment in renewables.


CNR Agias Aikaterinis & Agamemnonos
3100, Limassol


Phone: +357 25 256205