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Kalero has the experience to design, develop, construct and operate onshore wind farms worldwide. Our wind services include:

Wind Park Study

Kalero offers full range of wind services to wind park developers, land owners who want to develop wind parks on their sites, investors & banks.

Kalero performs wind resources measurements, siting of wind turbines and wind park optimization, selection of wind turbines, micrositing as well as all the engineering & managerial services needed for the construction of the wind park, such as road construction, grid connection etc.

Kalero’s experience in wind simulation and CFD modeling provides a full spectrum of capabilities to wind energy investors, windpark developers and wind park operators minimizing the development risks and optimizing their sites.

Wind Park Licensing

We all know how hard and time-consuming the project licensing process can be. Kalero undertakes every stage of the licensing process of a wind park and can be your guide when it comes to the project licensing for the development of a specific wind farm. 

Wind Park Implementation

The collaboration with Kalero before and during the construction of a wind park ensures the investor for the optimal selection of the equipment, efficient maintenance contracts with the wind turbine manufacturers, smooth operation of the on-site works, project execution according to international standards, project permitting according to legislation, and finally high quality of the result ensuring many years of smooth profitable and trouble free operation.

Due Diligence

Kalero offers unbiased assessment of wind energy projects based on the experience in all the stages of their lifecycle. Our services can be used to audit the feasibility of studies and reports provided to the banks or the project’s investors. Full bankable reports are offered for every key element of the investment, including;

• Wind measurements
• Energy yield calculations
• Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
• Project development and permits
• Construction management and operations
• Operation of the wind farm
• Opportunity and risk analysis


Kalero covers the entire range of services starting with project development to project implementation and project operation and maintenance. Our expertise in solar energy and high voltage works make them ideal to provide support to solar farms through the build and commissioning phase, and to provide operations and maintenance services after handover – ensuring your investment delivers at maximum potential.
Kalero provides a complete EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) service for landowners and investors looking to install a solar park, supporting you through the process and ensuring you make the most of your investment.
Kalero is capable of managing a project through financing, engineering, procurement, construction and beyond. Our team of experienced experts provides:
• Site surveys to assess the suitability of the land
• Feasibility, detailed design and project management
• Energy yield studies
• Viability Studies
• Project Licensing
• Engineering
• Solar Parks construction
• Monitoring and maintenance

Our Solar Park services include:

Detailed Engineering Design

This includes client’s requirement analysis, site survey, weather monitoring, structural design, power generation capacity determination, selection of equipment, engineering design, and 3D modelling of the proposed solar power plant.

Kalero conducts a thorough site analysis including various aspects such as availability of existing earthing and electrical infrastructure, natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation.

Kalero provides all the required solar park studies including energy yield study, optimization of the PV power plant, selection of suitable equipment, risk assessments and PV power plant detailed engineering. Our experience in having dealt with a range of different types of modules, inverters, cables and even monitoring systems, enable us to choose the equipment and suppliers that will provide the maximum return on our customer’s financial investment.

Kalero is using the latest technology in computer simulation, accredited by the photovoltaic industry, combined with the experience gained in a wide range of PV projects.

Project Implementation & Construction

The solar power plant construction activity involves mounting solar PV panels, accessories, grid / off-grid connectivity along with solar implementation to the power supply system.

Kalero ensures timely and professional execution of its projects. Project managers oversee all activities ranging from technical, land procurement and safety issues. Preparation of appropriate documentation with the required on site approvals ensure coordinated construction without external interruptions. Our services include:

• System design and construction requirements
• Integrated Planning, and Supply of components
• Risk assessment analysis and Risk mitigation throughout entire installation process
• Complete Installation and commissioning of the PV park

Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Performance

We provide:

• Real-time plant monitoring and control
• Data accuracy validation
• Weekly and Monthly performance engineering reviews
• Reporting to investors
• Maintenance coordination and communication

Operation & Maintenance

Kalero provides competitive maintenance services designed to lower costs and minimize lost production. Kalero provides O&M services to solar farms to maintain and make small changes that can make all the difference to the parks performance levels and delivering a higher return on investment. Our services include:

• End-to-end solar park maintenance
• Module cleaning and vegetation pruning
• Spare parts and supply chain management
• Maintenance hours scheduling for lowest production impact
• Predictive maintenance

Energy Storage

The sector of energy storage is expanding rapidly due to the increasing renewable generation. Renewable energy sources penetration can be achieved alongside operational safety of the grid if energy storage is incorporated into the grid system.

Our expertise covers the complete range of system types and capabilities including grid balancing and support systems, PV and wind generator co-located systems for firming capacity and resolving settlement imbalance, continuity of power from renewable generators in weak grid, micro-grid and stand-alone situations.

Kalero provides power systems design, engineering, regulatory and environmental expertise for a range of energy storage projects including large-scale storage providing grid ancillary services and storage co-located with renewables. Our energy storage services include:

• Site finding
• Electromechanical and civil design of energy storage projects
• Grid compliance studies and grid connection support
• Unbiased opportunity and risk analysis for an energy storage investment
• Consulting services on market and regulatory developments
• Review and advice on technical and functional specifications

Transmission and Distribution

Kalero has considerable experience distribution networks both in terms of supporting network development plans and technical analysis, as well as supporting distribution network end-users, such as industrial consumers and generators.

We have experience in network modelling and the development of specific applications to assist the grid operators in evaluating the technical, investment and pricing implications of grid projects.

A considerable amount of our work is for end users such as wind farm developers seeking distribution network connections. As such, we have experience with the availability and quality of the grid. Services we offer include:

• Modelling of lerge transmission and distribution systems
• Grid design and network planning
• Conception and feasibility studies of generation connection
• Transmission and distribution system assessment
• Renewable integration studies